Ewbank 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner, Scrubber and Polisher with 780W Cyclonic Bagless HEPA Filter Vac

The Ewbank 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner, Scrubber and Polisher with 780W Cyclonic Bagless HEPA Filter Vac delivers a complete floor cleaning solution. The polisher delivers 2,200rpm on the contra-rotating discs capable of cleaning, scrubbing and polishing your hard floors to a beautiful shine with the enclosed microfibre pads. The cyclonic vacuum detaches from the polishing unit for vacuuming hard floors before or after polishing.

Features & Benefits

  • Contra-rotating discs spin at 2,200rpm to deliver excellent cleaning
  • 9.5in wide cleaning/polishing path
  • Detachable body to change from polisher & vac to Vac only in seconds
  • Cleans, Scrubs and Polishes in one great machine
  • Telescopic handle with comfort butterfly grip and integrated cable storage
  • High performance 780W Cyclonic Bagless HEPA Filter Vacuum
  • 3 uses – polisher/scrubber, polisher/scrubber with vac or separate for use as individual vac
  • Suitable for all hard floor types, including laminate, wood, vinyl, marble and granite
  • Full range of interchangeable and reusable pads for any cleaning need
  • Non damaging to delicate floors

Ewbank Multi-use Floor Polish

Tough liquid floor polish, brilliant on those high traffic areas and worn floors. Designed specifically for the Ewbank Floor Polisher range; it’s easy to use – just spray and buff with a Ewbank floor polisher to a finish. Repeat the application to maximise protection and shine.

Coming Soon!

Product Code: EPV1100
Voltage: 120v
Power: 160W (Polisher) 780W(Vacuum)
Weight: 15.5lbs
Cleaning Path: 9.5in
Power Cable: Length 23ft
2 x Nylon bristle scrubbing brush plates
2 x Hook & loop backing plates
1 pair white scrubbing pads
1 pair blue microfiber cleaning pads
1 pair yellow microfiber buffing/polishing pads
Display Pack Weight: 17.6lbs
Warranty: 12 months

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