User Manuals

Sweepers & Shampooers

Handy (Model 525)
Evolution 3 Sweeper (Model 830)
Cascade Carpet Shampooer (Model 280)


Floor Polisher (Model EP170)
Floor Polisher (Model FP160)
Floor Polisher with Vac (Model FP1000)
Cordless Duster Buffer (Model CFP700)

Steam Cleaning

Steam Dynamo (Model SC1000)

Vacuum Cleaning

Chilli 3 (Model HSVC3)
Chilli (Model HSV1000)
Go-Go (Model HMV600)

Chilli Filter & Brush advice

If the Chilli Vac floor brush no longer rotates, this means that there is a reduced airflow over the motor causing the motor to overheat and stop driving the brush. Reduced air flow is due to the filter being clogged with fine particles of dust in the pores of the pleated filter. Your filter must be cleaned regularly for your Chilli to operate with maximum efficiency. Spare filters are provided with every Chilli. To clean the filter.

  • Remove the debris guard and shake/wipe off dirt and rinse under a tap, leave to air-dry.
  • Use a soft ¼” or ½”paint brush/toothbrush to clean out any large debris from the filter
  • Once the large debris is removed, rinse the filter under the tap with warm water. Run the water at a reasonable pressure to push the small dust and particles out of the filter. Run the water though the recess in the back of the filter so it flows from the inside, pushing the dust/dirt back out the same way that it came into contact with the filter.
  • Leave the filter to air-dry away from direct heat sources.
  • Ensure that the filter is completely dry before re-attaching the debris guard and reusing.
  • Additional filters are available from the Ewbank services dept.

Alternatively, follow this walk-through to inspect the brush mechanism: Chilli Brush Cleaning Advice

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