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Founded in Accrington, Lancashire, United Kingdom our company has its origins in a 1864 company founded by John Ramsbottom and George Hacking, which made water meters. They were joined by John Haworth, James Entwisle, and James Kenyon, and when the founders retired the company was renamed Entwisle and Kenyon Limited.

Entwisle & Kenyon started making manual washing machines around 1875, and also manufactured mangles. While one of the company’s representatives, Richard Walter Kenyon, was in the United States in 1882 to source wooden blocks for mangles, he visited a carpet sweeper factory in Chicago, and saw the potential for the product, which was already popular in the US, in the UK. Kenyon designed the first Ewbank branded carpet sweeper, which went on sale in 1889. It became the most popular product of its type in Britain, where carpet sweeping became known as “ewbanking”. The ‘Ewbank’ name came from the Ewbank area of Blackburn where the factory was located. Ewbank became a major manufacturer of floor-care products after World War II, including carpet shampooers, mangles, ladders and many more, selling both in the UK and via export internationally.

Ewbank has a heritage to be proud of, it’s a household favourite and a much loved brand that has been providing innovative cleaning solutions for over 135 years. Innovative design, reliability and customer satisfaction are always top priority and have been our continued strength against our competitors.

Now in the present, Ewbank is still selling carpet sweepers and other products, including floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, shampooers and steam cleaning solutions, all at affordable prices, meaning that Ewbank is always the practical solution to everyday cleaning.

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